Make Your Own Board Games – How To Make Your Own Board Game

Making your own board games does not only help you save up, it also develops your resourcefulness and creativity. Making homemade board games is twice as exciting as playing the game itself. It is also very economical. So why buy them when you can create your own? You can even get a lot of benefits from making your board games yourself. Now, how do you start making them?

First of all, you have to gather your materials. It is important to take durability into consideration when selecting your raw materials. The more long-lasting the material is the more games you’ll be able to play with it.

Chess, Checkers or Go

If you are making your own chess game board, you must decide what to replace your chess pieces. Stones and beads are the popular choices for board game pieces. In chess, since the king is the biggest piece, reserve the biggest stone for that. Stones, in fact, were first used as pieces in games like Go. For chess, if you are using beads, choose the largest one for the king or use a distinct color for each piece. And since the Queen symbolizes femininity, reserve the pink bead for her. Almost anything can be used to serve as playing pieces. If you have a figurine collection, you can use them as well.

If you know how to carve, you can use leftover wood to create your board pieces. Then use paint or varnish for a finishing touch. Coins can also be used as markers. The lists of possibilities are endless!

Different board games need different game pieces. Some may require a dice as well as a deck of cards and poker chips. For your convenience, it may be better to purchase these items instead to make sure they’re uniform. While you’re at it, you may need to purchase some permanent markers, scissors and a ruler as well to make your playing board.

Rudiments: Boards

You can make your own game board from different things. You can use an illustration board or spare plywood to draw your playing field. If you want your game board to be portable, you can even use a cloth, which you can easily fold after playing.

Just make sure that the material you use for your game board can easily be laid flat. If not, you’ll be spending most of the time leveling it while playing the board game. If you love the game, it is best to invest your creativity in it, as well as some money, time and effort. A nice board for your playing pleasure will affect your mood while on the game.

Packing It Up

Now you have your board game set. However, you are not done yet. You also have to consider other important things such as the storage of your entire board game set. If the board you made is small and convenient enough to store in a portable box, you can bring it anywhere you fancy. If you made a large one, look for a cool, dry place where you can store and easily retrieve it.

If you store your board in a hot place, the markers may fade right away. If you are using cloth for your board, do not fold it when storing it. Roll it up or keep it flat in an envelope so that no crease will disturb your game pieces once you start the next game.

Making your own playing board and pieces will help you play your favorite game without spending too much. Moreover, your improvised board game set will be uniquely your own.

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Popularity of Board Game Designers

Designer board games are one type of entertainment which is gaining a lot of notoriety in the gaming world. By taking the much beloved format of board games and approaching the project from a new angle, designers of these board games have almost entirely reinvented the enterprise in a new and exciting way. Specialty designer board games generally offer their players simple rules, themed play, and a good deal of thought and planning, which is required to do well in the game. Because of these components, which are not usually all to be found in traditional board games, these designer board games have become quite the trend in the gaming world.

Additionally, many of the people responsible for designing these board games have become quite popular for their creations. Many of them have had multiple games produced, each one a success. Any game which prominently features a designer’s name on the box can usually be considered to be of the calibur of a specialty designer board game. Many different designers exist, however, and their games are usually vastly different.

One of these board game designers, Reiner Knizia, has experienced so much success in the world of designer board games, that over 200 of his games have been published by various manufacturers. Knizia, who hold a PhD in Mathematics, has been designing board games since the age of 6. Since 1997, Dr. Knizia has worked as a full-time board game designer, and his resume clearly shows the success that he has experienced. 7 of his games can be found on the Games 100 list, while 14 of his games are to be discovered on Board Game Geek’s Top 100 games list. On top of this, several different of the top gaming conventions all host “Kniziathons,” which are tournaments in which solely Reiner Knizia games are played. Many of his games have won different prestige awards, such as Taj Mahal, which won both the 2000 Essen Feather Award and the Deutscher Spiele Preis Award in the same year. His game based on the popular Lord of the Rings books was granted a Spiel des Jahres 2001 special prize and can be considered the most popular of his board games, with publication in 17 different languages and over 1 million copies sold.

Andreas Seyfarth is another immensely popular designer of board games, with Puerto Rico being considered to be his crowning achievement. The game places players in the role of governors on the island of Puerto Rico during the era of the Caribbean ascendancy. Their goal is to earn the most victory points through various means, such as constructing new buildings or the shipment of goods from the ports. Seyfarth’s games all have been ranked very highly by various board game enthusiast companies, with Puerto Rico often placed at the number one spot on many top board game lists. A number of his other games have all been granted very prestigious awards over the years that they were produced and any game with his name on it can be considered a high-quality game worth any player’s time.

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